The swirl, The twirl.

For one of my assignments in college, I needed to capture the beauty and essence of an animal by adapting to an illustration style. The first thing that came to my mind was… Continue reading


This particular poster is part of a one week workshop in our college, Held by Rajesh Dahiya and Vivek Sadamate, it dealt with taking a particular song and abstracting it in terms of… Continue reading

Bob Gill-ed.

This was a part of one of the assignments given to us, which dealt with giving a tribute to one designer. I chose Bob gill, as his work was so simple but effective… Continue reading

Man, You.

What else would a die hard Manchester united fan make as a part of an assignment which gives you the freedom to promote whatever you would want to ? I paid respect to… Continue reading

Work Marathon 2012

In between the courses, me and a few of my batch mates came up with this concept of a work marathon. As the name suggests, It aims at testing one’s physical and mental… Continue reading

The wall

I painted this wall almost one and a half years back for my brother in his room. He has a keen interest in drums and is still pursuing it passionately ! Summer holidays… Continue reading

Light my fire

After Seeing the documentary , ” The Doors ” directed by Oliver stone. I found his lifestyle and behavior of Jim Morrison very intriguing. I sketched this portrait from one of the shots from his… Continue reading

Ice blaze.

So the last day of my holidays, I was left with a 2 bottles of fluorescent paint.I had done a few illustrations and texture explorations earlier with them ( included in the gallery ),… Continue reading


  I like doing pixel art. The header on my Blog might explain it. It is an arduous process. Filling colour pixel by pixel after making a grid, But I enjoy it. The… Continue reading


  Was trying out some tools on Illustrator during the recent holiday break. Sometimes you accidentally end up making some ” cool shit “. Exactly what happened. Even started interpreting forms out of these explorations,… Continue reading